MIC has made a change in my life, and that is why I believe in MIC. They gave us food, shirts and other things and that is why I will never forget them. I feel so happy and proud of them for giving us things that we want. I am saying thank you for everything that you have done for us.

Raquille Evans, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

Mighty in Character means a lot to me. It helps me to keep on the right path. I love Mighty in Character. It helps me to be more focused and to do the things that are right. I really respect Mighty in Character. I am Mighty in my Character. I enjoy Mighty in Character.

Jahnea Newby, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

Auditorium Project

The Foundation will build a multi-purpose auditorium at the Mount Waddy Primary School in Friendship, Jamaica. The space will be used for:

  • Physical Education - Without a suitable indoor space, students may only enjoy Physical Education (P.E.) when the weather is suitable outdoors. However, the auditorium will provide a fantastic facility suitable for P.E. in all weathers, and is intended to improve the health, fitness and well-being of the school's young people.
  • Health Fairs (see Medical Care) - An excellent environment in which to have an approved health care facility to meet the wellness needs of the students and local community. 
  • Graduations - To celebrate achievement with parents and to inspire younger students to aim high.
  • Cultural Activities - A creative space in which to share, demonstrate and celebrate dance, music, theater and art.
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