To me MIC means that I should be on the right track, to study my books and to read and write better. MIC means Mighty in Character. I am a very mighty person in my character. I love to come first in my class. I am a bright girl. I do not want to waste time. MIC also means to do the things that are right and loving. I like to share, and I respect everyone because I am respectful and patient. I am MIC.

Alliyanna Ferguson, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

At first I will achieve my goals in school. I will be more disciplined as I grow older and trust God through the years. I will do excellent in school. I will be faithful, truthful and kind in school.

Lemar Hugget, Student, Mount Waddy Primary School, Friendship, Jamaica

MIC Kids Spotlight

Scholarship Award

Annually the Foundation gives an education Scholarship Award to two deserving students.  We congratulate and honor the recipients.

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  • Students Singing Jesus Take The Wheel


Arts & Crafts

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  • Cloth dolls
  • Collage of craft pieces
  • Floor mat made from scrap cloth
  • Floor mat made from shredded scrap cloth
  • Handbags made from recycled newspaper and paper bags dust bin decorated with sand
  • Jamaica National Bird Doctor Bird made from tissue
  • Jamaica national coat of arms made from tissue
  • Jamaica National Flag made from tissue
  • Map of Jamaica made from wood sand and cord
  • Model washing machine made from cardboard
  • Newspaper flowers and plastic bottle and wood vase
  • Pencil holder made from icecream fudge sticks saving pan piggy bank made from wood wooden bed
  • Picture made from seeds and pencil shavings
  • Stuffed animals and wooden vases
  • Trinket box made from match sticks and wooden clothes pins
  • Turtle made from coconut shell
  • Walking Sticks made from tree root